Assessments Implementing Complex Algorithms
Assessments Implementing Complex Algorithms

Database Design Theory involve learning complex (non-deterministic), multi-staged algorithms for enhancing the design of a database. We developed several algorithms that generate a random problem and explore all its possible solutions. These algorithms allowed us to provide students with auto-generated and randomized assessments that can be configured to increase or decrease the problem difficulty. 

Functional Dependencies: Attribute Closure 
Attribute-Closure- CS 411, SP22 _ PrairieLearn
Functional Dependencies: Finding the set of candidate keys 
Candidate-Keys-CS 411, SP22 _ PrairieLearn
Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF) and Third Normal Form (3NF)
BCNF Example:
BCNF-CS 411, SP22 _ PrairieLearn
3NF Example:
3NF-CS411, SP22 _ PrairieLearn

Transaction Management: Isolation Levels

trxn-iso-levels-CS 411, SP22 _ PrairieLearn

Transaction Management: Two-Phase Locking Protocols

trxn-s2pl-CS 411, Fa21 _ PrairieLearn