Assessments with Scratch Canvas
Assessments with Scratch Canvas

Database indexing is an essential topic that introduces students to data structures used by the Database Management Systems to speed up access to records stored in secondary-storage devices (i.e., hard disks). We cover two highly used indexing data structures: B+ Trees and Hash Tables (Linear Hash Tables). In the past, students had to manually draw these structures for homework and exam assessments. So, we decided to develop ARA with a scratch canvas that allow students to work on the problem without having to manually draw the data structures. Below, we show B+ tree and hash tables examples.

B+ Tree Example:
BTree-Insert-p1-CS 411, SP22 _ PrairieLearn
BTree-Insert-p2-CS 411, SP22 _ PrairieLearn
Hash Tables Example
HashTables-Automated-p1-CS 411, SP22 _ PrairieLearn
HashTables-Automated-p2-CS 411, SP22 _ PrairieLearn