Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning

Projects are an essential component of the curriculum I design, and they aim to allow students to apply what they learn in class to real-world problems of their choice, teach them crucial teamwork skills, and challenge them to develop their critical-thinking skills. For example, a significant part of the Database Systems course I teach here at Illinois is the semester-long project where students build a database-centered web application. In this project, students have the autonomy to choose the application domain, the web development platform, the data model, and data sources. Such independence ignites students' interest and intellectual curiosity, evident by the quality and innovation of the numerous projects that exceeded the project requirements and expectations. 

In the Database Systems (CS 411) course, I offer two types of projects:  

 - PT1: Project Track 1 (for all students): This project aims to provide an opportunity for students to apply relational database techniques to a domain of the student’s choice. Students will be asked to create a relational (SQL) database-centric web-based application. 
Click HERE for a detailed description of PT1 

 - PT2: Project Track 2 (for graduate students): This project aim to (1) introduce state-of-the-art database-related research, (2) allow students to write and experience paper critiques, (3) prepare them to explore new research problems based on existing research findings.  
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Example PT1 Projects (CS 411)