Student-Centered Flipped Classroom

Student-Centered Flipped-Classroom Lesson Example

Before Class (Pre-Lecture)

Students watch short videos and answer a short quiz about the lecture before coming to class. Below is an example video lecture, lecture notes and pre-lecture quiz.

Pre-Lecture Video

Database Transactions
(Lecture Notes)
Database Transactions
(Lecture Slides)
Pre-Lecture Quiz
During Class (Group Activity)

During class, I start by answering students' questions and work through some examples. Then students work on group activities related to the concepts discussed in the lecture. Here's an example lesson.

Example in-class group activity:

Students start the group activity by assigning rules to each member: Manager, Recorder, Reflector and Contributor. 

  • Manager: Responsible for coordinating the team's efforts and making sure that all team members are contributing. 
  • Recorder: The recorder is responsible for being the main "driver," entering answers into PrairieLearn. 
  • Reflector: The reflector is responsible for ensuring that all team members understand what's going on. 
  • Contributor: The contributor is a member with no team organization duties but is expected to contribute to the teamwork. Teammates will also provide peer reviews periodically during the semester.
The group manager starts the group activity by creating the group in Priarielearn and ask their teammates to join.
Group Assessment: Creating the Group

Once all team members joined the group, the manager fills the manager survey (GA6.1 in the below figure), which detail the rules of each team member and remind students of their rules. Then the team starts working on the group activity (GA6.2-GA6.4). Finally, the reflector fills the Reflector Survey (GA6.5), which helps the teaching staff keep track of team collaboration. 

Group Assessment: Landing Page
Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 9.57.44 AM
Group Assessment: Example Question.
Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 9.58.29 AM